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Our Services


Annual accounts

What you do

Give us all of your financial data, bank statements, invoices and any records you may have

What we do

Prepare profit and loss account and balance sheet

Go through the accounts with you to explain the figures

Help you understand your business’s financial performance

Help you to improve your business


Tax returns

What you do

Give us all of your data

What we do

Prepare tax returns

Give you advance warning of tax payments

Think about any useful tax planning

VAT Returns

What you do

Record all of your transactions



What we do

Check your records to make sure VAT is correct

Record all your transactions

Prepare VAT returns

Prepare VAT returns


Tracking income and payments

What you do

Sell your product or services

Pay cheques and cash you receive into your bank account

Chase customers for payment

What we do

Work out your sales invoices, send them to your customers and record them in your accounts

Record them in your accounts

Give you a list of unpaid sales invoices to chase

If VAT applies we deal with this for you

Helping you to pay your bills

Recording your payments

What you do

Check invoices you have been sent

Authorise payments/sign cheques

What we do

Prepare cheques or bacs/electronic payment

Record payments in your accounts

If VAT applies we will deal with this for you


Working out wages

What you do

Work out hours and bonuses

Set pay rates

What we do

Work out what you pay your staff

Tell you how much to pay the taxman and when

Tell you how much to pay the pension scheme and when

File your information with the taxman and pension scheme

Start Ups

Start up

What you do

Have an idea

Start your business!

What we do

Meet to tell you what you need to know

Help you to develop or refine your business plan

Business Support


What you do

Consider services you would like to take inhouse

What we do

We will support and train your team with whatever you need help with